Friday, February 1, 2013

Running in Circles at Soccer

I almost got really dizzy at soccer practice after running in circles for thirty minutes.  I'm not talking about my soccer practice of course, but my kids soccer practice.  They were doing lots of soccer type drills, with defensive postures and not over committing and waiting for the other player to make a mistake.  No circles for the soccer players.

It was me doing the circles.  The beginning, but highly experienced, runner doing relatively slow circles around the kids soccer practice field.  Their highly energized coach urging them on to be better.  I wish that he could have thrown in some encouraging advice for my running occasionally, but maybe that would have seemed weird.  Probably best that he didn't.

It's interesting the things that you notice as you make way too many laps around a soccer field.  The grass around the goal closest to the parking lot is much more bare than by the far goal.  The people having the most fun at practice are the little brothers and sisters playing on the nearby play scape.  There is actually a very slight uphill when on the back stretch of my loop around the field.  This is strange because there doesn't seem to be a downhill on the other side.

By the end of practice I've manage to get a run in, learn about how to play defense in soccer, and only gotten slightly dizzy.

Run when you can.

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