Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Return to Running in Pictures

I started my running come back a few months ago when we were on vacation in Isla Mujeres, Mexico.  One of the things that I really like to do on vacation is to go for a run in the morning.  And running along the coast somewhere, next to the ocean with incredible views of waves and blue water is also something that I consider kinda awesome.  These two things combined made me circle the first morning of our stay on the island as the day to start my return to running.

It turns out that it is actually very hard to run after taking six months off, and the humidity is very high, but it was great and the views really helped.

The run started near the hotel on the north end of the island.

I go to the west side of the island, which is open to the ocean.  There is a nice "boardwalk" that starts by an open area that appears to be used for big gatherings or festivals.  It's always been empty when I go past, but I figure it is used at some point during the year when I'm not here.

The view of the sea is really impressive on this side of the island and this concrete "boardwalk" is really a great way to see it.

For a good stretch of the boardwalk, there are these little things on top of the wall.  Each is painted for a different area of Mexico or neighboring country.  

There are a lot of really nice homes on Isla that look out over the water.  Here are several near the end of the boardwalk and a great idea of what the view looks like during the run.

I decided to jump over the wall and pose for a picture.  The water really is that blue.  I really am very tired and was using this picture as an excuse to stop for a couple of minutes.

At the point that the boardwalk ends, the width of the island is very small and it is only about 75 to 100 yards across.  So I switch over and run along the bay side of the Island.  You can see some boats that are tied up and no waves.

Simple out and back run, and here I am going back on the boardwalk.  Great view.  There is also a constant breeze coming off the ocean which makes things nice (should read as - not seem as hot).

Finally this is a cool picture of a door and red bicycle in town that I saw on the way back.

Just a flavor of what it was like on my return to running.